Hananosuke Takimoto

Sound Artist / Maker

New Synergetics

Created sound for  “New Synergetics” by Wakita Akira. The engine sounds of GT-R are sampled and effected to create some of these sounds.

About this work

This artwork, “New Synergetics” is a number of videos which are inspired by the idea of design of NISSAN LEAF. “Movement” represents an intelligent movement of a life modelized. “Energy” represents a visualization of invisible energy flow. “Connection” shows the future and the past of the network, developing like a nervous system.


  • Artist : Akira Wakita
  • Sound Design : Hananosuke Takimoto
  • Software Development Support : Masaki Yamabe


– NISSAN CROSSING, 6 Sep. – 22 Dec., 2017, Tokyo.

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